About US

Tinker It is a UAE based software company that provides consistent and high quality software solutions and business consulting services across the Middle East. We offer software for both horizontal & vertical markets. We understand the business needs of our clients, and how technology can be a tool to make modern businesses more profitable. With a strong team of best software professionals, we have been offering our clients feature rich, robust and cost effective software solutions. The perfect blend of technical excellence, business performance monitoring, business intelligence and customer experience management is what makes us endearing to our clients. We are a diverse company with many associations which enables us to incorporate your needs accordingly.

Tinker It combines technical excellence with great customer service and value for money. Our solutions have a strong focus on intuitive and user-friendly interfaces and value-added functionality. Our Enterprise Solutions, based on the open-source ERPNext Platform, streamlines your business operations across the entire life cycle, create more visibility, strengthen your grip on business and ultimately enhances your profitability. Tristar Enterprises is an exclusive gold member of ERPNext in UAE, an open source web based ERP software that has been listed as the best open source software in the world by many online blogs.


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